*Cancelled* Dance Production 2020 - Performance One

Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

In view of continuing concerns about Covid-19, we have decided to cancel the Dance Production. It is being widely reported this morning that the Government will revise their advice and ban public gatherings from next weekend, but I feel it is prudent to take that decision now. 

I know that performers will be very disappointed after all their hard work. We will look at possible ways for the students to perform either to younger students during the school day, or at a later stage in the summer term.

Kind regards,

Ann Clark



We are still waiting for a decision to be made by senior management to see if the Dance Production can be re-scheduled to a later time in the year, once this decision has been made we will inform all those who brought tickets with the outcome.  


This year’s dance production takes you ‘Out of this world’. Starting from the Big Bang, you will visit many objects throughout the universe - planets, stars and even explore the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. As Arthur C. Clarke said “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.“