TEDx Youth@KES Online

10:00 am Saturday, 28 November 2020
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TEDx Youth@KES present The Future of Everything

Throughout history, one of humanity’s chief virtues has been our ability to innovate and adapt to difficult situations. More than ever, this is a time of rapid change and here, at KES, we have faith that such qualities will not fail us now. Even in the face of the great perils of our time: climate change, antimicrobial resistance and growing population, we have already started creating solutions. For these reasons, we want this event to be a celebration of optimism- a celebration of our collective future, dedicated to all the momentous things we can achieve.

Speakers: David Ault; Alok Kumar; David Ricks; Sarb Clare; Mukhtar Mukhlis; Lokesh Jain; Usman Raja; Richard Benwell



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