The Women Who Built The Sikh Empire

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The name and reputation of Maharajah Ranjit Singh, the ruler of the 19th century Sikh Empire, is famous worldwide but what about the women who helped to build and protect this Kingdom?
This talk has been to London, Leicester, Rugby, and now it’s coming to Birmingham to raise even more money for the charitable organisation, Unite In Virtue.
Through her lively and captivating narrative, Dr. Atwal shares fascinating insights into the lives of women from the Maharajah's female relations and the critical roles they played in Punjab politics and state formation in the early 19th century. It will encourage you to consider the rise and fall of the Sikh Empire in a whole new light.
About the speaker:
Dr. Priya Atwal has completed a PhD in History at the University of Oxford, and specialises in the history of Anglo-Indian relations of the 19th and 20th centuries, with a particular interest in Sikh and Punjabi History. She currently works as a Teaching Fellow in Modern South Asian History at King’s College London. Priya is passionately committed to making the study of History enjoyable and accessible to the wider public, and can be contacted via Twitter at @priyaatwal
Dr Priya Atwal recently featured on BBC Asian Network's Big Debate. Take a listen via this link and forward to 1:16:00
All proceeds via ticket sales will go towards Unite In Virtue, a charitable organisation that feeds the homeless and supports those in need. For more information please contact Nicky on 07578029510 or via email:
14:30-14:55 - Networking
15:00-16:00 - Talk by Dr. Priya Atwal - Twitter @priyaatwal
16:00-16:05 - Monologue performance by actor and spoken word poet, Eshmit Kaur -
16:05-16:10 - Performance by Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton - Twitter @khalsa_academy
16:10-16:20 - Closing comments
Please bring money/change as there will be a RAFFLE too!